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An Architectural Landmark


The Gardner Building was designed and built by Carl A. "Tad" Gardner in 1985. One of the first architectural details noticed are the four columns and arch that act as the center piece of the building. From the details of the bull-nose brick front stairs to the corinthian capitals atop the columns, the building's exterior is as classical as it is modern. Located in the front plaza is a bronze, patriotic monument that is a tribute to the American spirit.


The interior of the building is just as breathtaking as the exterior. In all the elevator lobbies, the combination of brushed brass with polished granite give a warm welcome to every tenant and visitor of the building. The use of natural light throughout the common areas of the building accent the interior design elements that make the Gardner Building unique.


The Gardner Building is owned and managed by the designer and builder, Tad Gardner. He and his staff occupy a suite on the first floor of the building. Very rarely is it available for tenants who lease office space to have onsite management that understand what it means to give real time service to their tenants. Please feel free to contact any of our current or past tenants for a reference.


We encourage you to view our Photo Gallery see that the buildings distinctive exterior design will allow your visitors to quickly locate the building and your suite.

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